Selfie Frame - Adult Version

Selfie Frame - Adult Version

Regular price £75.00

Our very popular Polaroid Selfie Frame, hosts a heavyweight perspex polaroid frame which is personalised for your event.  With full circumference balloon decor added, in a classy organic style, is sure to wow your guests! We can add floral embellishments also, for that extra 'luxe' finish! Guaranteed to have your guests taking selfies at a fast rate of knots!

Any colour possible, and any wording you wish to be added! 

The basic hire price of this frame with personalised polaroid is £75.00. All additions, balloons and floral embellishments are at an extra cost. eg. full balloon decor complete £150, with flowers added £175 complete.

*The framework and polaroid itself, along with silk flowers/foilage are on a hire basis and will be collected from the venue the following day.  These are left at the venue, on the basis that the customer has full responsibility of the items, and removal of these items by any guests, will result in the customer being charged for the replacement of.